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Tab Pierce

Tab Pierce has been called the Negative Millionaire. At one point, holding the unenviable distinction of being a million dollars in debt.


After years of profitable business growth, he found that a few poor business decisions would have colossal outcomes that threatened his once-strong business and caused him to question his self-worth. There were feelings he was a fraud, failure, and unworthy. As a result, depression, vulnerability, and fear were constant companions. In despair and disbelief, he turned to his network of professionals to help him get his business back on track. To his amazement, most gave the same advice, “shut your doors and walk away.” Only a select few had the belief he could turn it around and even fewer dove in to help. Over a twenty six month time span, not only did he fully recover, but his business is successfully running stronger than ever.

Today, he uses the lessons learned from his experience to help entrepreneurs and business owners see that there is a path to success and that the pathway is glorious and worth the adventure. He teaches people how to be strong and powerful in adversity and reach new heights thereafter.

Tab is the founder and CEO of Caliber Security Partners, a cyber security services firm that secures many of the globe's most recognized brands. Along with his wife Catherine, he's also the owner of Networked Live. He sits on the board at 3P&T Security Recruiting, Drug Free Business, and Traitware. He's the author of Upsurge: Wreckage to Triumph, Rebuilding Your Personal and Business Life, and is currently writing his second book, Outlast Everything. Tab coaches professionals in areas such as taking their vision and turning it into reality using the Opportunity Pipeline he created, which helped him rebuild and ultimately experience exponential growth in all areas of his life.

Tab Pierce
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