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Chris Carlisle

Chris Carlisle is the only coach to have earned a championship ring at every level of organized football. (High School, Junior College, College, and Professional ranks). His ability to motivate people (business or sports) to push themselves is not a lightning strike thing. It happens again and again.

After winning the Super Bowl Chris started going through an “internal audit” where he realized he had been doing what he was meant to do without knowing it. Winning championships was a byproduct of his true calling, which is helping people to achieve their greatest dreams.

Carlisle focuses on professional and personal development, successful habits of champions in business, and the work habits and leadership principles that allowed them to climb to the top rung of their profession. The underlying tone of all of Chris’ teachings is that life is too valuable to not maximize one’s potential. Why live to the beat of someone else’s drum when you have all the abilities to become the best at whatever endeavor your passion lies in?


Chris is the author of Move or Die: Creating a Game-Plan from Stuck to Significance.

Chris Carlisle
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