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Catherine Pierce

After a 30-year career as a homemaker, raising children and helping her mother-in-law through the final years of her life, Catherine began her second career in 2018 as the CEO of 3P&T Security Recruiting and in 2021, the Managing Director of Networked Live. That was a massive shift, not just from one field to another, but a mental shift that she could successfully make the transition.


She’s also a speaker and trainer, helping women transition their careers from believing where they've been and where they are now is not their final destination. That once they believe they can accomplish something they can get others to believe they can accomplish it too. She’s living proof of this; many Fortune 500 and Enterprise businesses turn to her as their cyber security resourcing leader.


What's her objective? To help everyone maximize those things within their control and to reach the career aspirations they've only dreamed about.

Catherine Pierce
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